PROFIciency steht für uns als Unternehmen und unsere Kernkompetenzen. Der Begriff fasst zusammen, wofür unser Team steht und was wir unseren Kunden bieten.


The Development of new products brings up the question, how the availability of the systems looks like over a longer time of period; the consideration from the product lifetime point of view as well as the individual components or the availability concepts. We generate a consistent structure so that the customers get the services at the time they wish.

We love to share our experiences in a personal conversation, so that you get an idea for a possible solution for your request.

/ Development of Prototypes

We design the specification sheet where we show the feasibility study for complex systems. The schedule for the concept, product and the manufacturing must be validated which leads to the start of the development of the prototypes.

After the release of the prototypes, the pilot series can be started. Pilot series are forerunner of batch production. In specific cases we produce a demo device, so that the functional test can be presented. The demo device can be understood as the pre prototype and fulfils mainly basis of a prototype.

/ Systems for industrial applications

In special cases we also develop systems with a higher maturity level for industrial applications. In this case precision and technical functionalities are qualitative important for the batch production.

/ Product Lifecycle Management

The product lifecycle management is characterized by maintenance contracts. They organize reaction time for replacement and the repair of systems and divices.


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